Tuesday, September 21

Kicking Ass is Contagious!

Susan Rice, Kerry's foreign policy adviser (still have trouble with that last name), is on MSNBC, and she's right on message. The war was a diversion from our real enemy which he's ignoring. She's asked how Kerry can do what Bush has tried - U.N. support. Rice shot back that Bush has only alientated the world every step of the way - he hasn't made a single overture to broker deals and win over our allies to help out. She's also hammering home the fact that Bush is happy-talking his way through this crisis while Kerry is telling the truth about how much of a nightmare it's become. The message was that Bush has handled foreign policy with utter and complete incompetence.

She was forceful. She was coherent. She was right on target with every question they threw at her. No wavering. No "I don't know"s. Completely and 100% on target.

Finally - FINALLY, we have a unified voice, and baby, it's loud.