Wednesday, September 29

Daschle Must Go

Beat it. Hit the road. Don't let the door etc. etc. etc. We don't need this useless opportunist anymore. Enough. This is the last straw. As Barry Champlain says - the Dems who ran away from Clinton in 2000 are paying the price today. The ones who run away from Kerry in 2004 to woo Republican and indy voters are incapable of learning from history and are of no friggin' use. And of course, the media - interpreting it as a jumping of the ship - will headline the story thusly. Here we go again:
Kerry association hurting some Democrats
By David Espo, AP Special Correspondent | September 29, 2004

WASHINGTON - Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle hugged President Bush from one end of South Dakota to the other this summer. In his own campaign commercials.

The brief embrace might seem an odd claim on re-election for the man Republicans depict as obstructionist-in-chief for the president's congressional agenda. But Daschle is one of several candidates with a common political problem as Democrats nurse fragile hopes of gaining Senate control this fall.

From the South to South Dakota and Alaska, they are running in areas where Bush is popular -- and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry not so much.

"The congressman is running his own race out here...He's not bringing any national people in," said Kristofer Eisenla, spokesman for Democratic Rep. Brad Carson in Oklahoma, where Bush won 60 percent of the vote in 2000.

The hug -- two or three seconds in length -- is a videotaped image of the embrace Daschle gave Bush when the president spoke to Congress shortly after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

Daschle's spokesman, Dan Pfeiffer, said the ad's message is that he "will work with the president when the president is right but oppose him when he is wrong." Daschle's latest commercial criticizes the administration for failing to provide adequate drought relief, while faulting Thune for not standing up to Bush on the issue.

The Republican Party demanded unsuccessfully that Daschle stop airing the ad, arguing it left a false impression.
What I find amazing that at first glance, you'd think they were describing a GOP ad. The discourse has gotten so perverse, that Republicans like to show how Democrats agreeing with Bush are either "flip-floppers" or just plain wrong in agreeing with such a wrong-headed nutcase. But no - Daschle wants to show how he makes nice with the little crackhead.

Thanks for nothing, Tom. BEAT IT.