Wednesday, September 29

Hey, They Never Lied To Us About Anything Before, Right?

So why, oh why would I even entertain the notion that the bullshit meter is pounding into the red when I read this? Swear to God, these people are throwing lies out there so fast and furiously, it's impossible for any mortal to even begin to respond. On the eve of the debate on Foreign Policy and Security, the White House launches THIS steaming sack...
White House: Guard Never Disciplined Bush
Updated: Wednesday, Sep. 29, 2004 - 10:37 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush never was disciplined while serving in the Texas Air National Guard, never failed a physical and never asked his father or family friends for help to get him into the Guard during the Vietnam War, the White House said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the White House on Wednesday night produced a newly unearthed document on Bush's Guard service, seven months after it said all materials on the subject had been publicly released.

The new document was a copy of Bush's resignation in 1974 declaring he was leaving the Guard because of "inadequate time to fulfill possible future commitments." White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the resignation was found in connection with a lawsuit brought by The Associated Press.

The White House answers earlier in the day came in response to a dozen questions submitted by the AP in light of new records detailing Bush's Guard service and allegations that have surfaced this election season.

The Texas Air National Guard stripped Bush of his pilot status in August 1972 for failing to take the annual medical exam required of all pilots. Former Air National Guard officials say it was rare for a pilot to skip his physical exam.