Wednesday, September 29

Say Hi to John and George for Us, "Scottso"

There's no possible way to have grown up in New York without tripping over Scott Muni on your radio. Even years past his heyday, Imus immortalized him as a character on his show.

His shining moment was nabbing a live interview with the Beatles (with fellow WABC legend Bruce Morrow) in the Delmonico Hotel - complete with about 7,000 screaming fans on the street voicing their approval. The reason for the event was a fan who snatched Ringo's St. Christopher medal at the hotel wanted to return it - and WABC arranged for her to do so. To this day, legend has it that it was all a co-ploy by WABC management and the group as a huge promotional stunt. It worked. Despite two other stations beating WABC to the punch in playing the fab four when they were hitting it big, WABC ended up owning the franchise.

Muni also made his indelible mark by starting rock and roll on FM in Gotham, first on WOR-FM in July, 1966 - then creating NYC's first "progressive" (album) rock station on WNEW-FM.

"Scottso" passed away Tuesday night. A lot of folks in rock and roll heaven are welcoming him with open arms today.