Friday, September 24

"Tax Cuts" Had Too Much Negative Connotation To It... we're now going to call it: RELIEF! Fast, soothing (yet temporary) RELIEF! So the richest (and neediest) 10% of America's wealthy will soon be feeling some of that cool refreshing RELIEF! (Underscoring ours)
Congress Votes to Extend Tax Cuts
$146 Billion in Relief Would Be Bush's 4th Reduction in 4 Years

The House and the Senate overwhelmingly voted last night to extend three tax cuts aimed at the middle class, along with an array of business tax breaks, sending President Bush a $146 billion tax cut that would be his fourth in four years.

With the approval of the legislation, virtually all of Bush's first-term tax agenda -- four tax measures worth nearly $1.9 trillion over 10 years -- would survive a potential second Bush term, unless Washington elects to change the tax code again. The total is $300 billion more in tax relief than Bush envisioned with his first tax-cut proposal in 2001.
Apparently, the nice soothing sounds of RELIEF! swooned Democrats in the Senate where it passed 92 to 3. Thanks for nothing, senate Dems. Way to make a stand. Horrible.

Our Washington correspondent Michael shot this off this message the Washington Post:
Dear Editor,

Jonathan Weisman's story, "Congress Votes to Extend Tax Cuts: $146 Billion in Relief Would Be Bush's 4th Reduction in 4 Years" (Sep. 24, A1) is playing into the GOP's strategy by helping them frame the debate by using the controversial word "relief". What is wrong with the neutral term "tax cut"? Personally, I would prefer the term "deficit exploding revenue killer" but "tax cut" will suffice.

So I ask, relief for who? Relief for our kids who are stuck with a massive deficit to pay off? Relief for my parents when the government can no longer afford to pay social security? Relief for the millions of school children who are being under-funded by the federal government? Relief for the soldiers who have to traverse Iraq in unarmored vehicles without body armor, because we can't afford it? Just who does this provide relief for?

Although the story does talk about the relationship of these tax cuts to our national debt, words like 'tax relief" automatically frames the argument and tilts it to the Republican advantage. I ask you refrain from Republican or Democratic buzz words and stick to the facts.

Excuse me, but I'm gonna roll me some RELIEF! when I get home...