Wednesday, September 22

Dreier's Closet Door is Falling Off its Hinges

Raw Story has been on this story for several weeks. It looks like L.A. Weekly - our weekly from the same folks who publish the Village Voice - is picking up the gauntlet. It's not the gay thing. It's the anti-gay thing.

Since we told you about it when it launched, John Byrne has transformed Raw Story into the left's version of the Drudge Report - without all the lies. When the truth is as damning as it is, why embellish? We're so proud...
LINK - The left-leaning alternative newspaper, LA Weekly, is set to launch a major piece formally outing anti-gay California Republican congressman David Dreier for the first time in print media, RAW STORY has learned.

Titled "The Outing," the 900-word piece penned by veteran investigative reporter Doug Ireland, will formally blast Dreier for his extremely anti-gay voting position and its apparent conflict with the relationship he is said to be having with his male chief of staff.

The piece begins by citing activist Mike Rogers, whose site, blogACTIVE, first intimated that Dreier might be gay.

"Rogers' campaign against Dreier got a major boost when it was taken up by Raw Story, the hot new liberal gadfly newsblog," Ireland writes. "Raw Story - which is edited out of Cambridge, Mass., by 23-year-old John Byrne...published an interview with Dreier's Democratic opponent in 1998 and 2000, Dr. Janice Nelson, who said she was aware during her 2000 campaign that Dreier was living with his chief of staff, Brad Smith. 'Brad was like an invisible presence,' she said, adding 'They really have the routine down slick.'"