Monday, September 20

New Zealand - Come On Down!

You're the next country to leave the Coalition!

This got past the radar - note the date on the story.
Kiwi troops coming home
16 September 2004

New Zealand's troops are pulling out of Iraq under a cloak of secrecy as security deteriorates in the battle to control the war-torn country.

Nearly 100 people have been killed in attacks in Baghdad and Baquba this week, while Australia has sent a "logistics team" to Iraq to determine whether two of its nationals are being held hostage.

The New Zealand Defence Force is refusing to give any details of the withdrawal of the 60-strong Kiwi military engineering contingent, which has been hunkered down in Basra for the past five weeks as violence escalates throughout Iraq.

"We do not discuss troop movements in circumstances like this where security is a factor," Defence spokeswoman Sandy McKie said. However, it is understood they are pulling out this week.