Tuesday, September 21

Bush is Talking to the U.N. Right Now

This has got to be worse than a comedian facing a hostile crowd on Spotlight Night. My thoughts later. Yours?

I can't wait until he's done. He's careening all over the road. We went from terrorism and democracy, to cloning to the Sudan and back to terrorism and democracy. And he's still - STILL insisting that the people of Afghanistan and Iraq are basking in their newfound democracy. And he said the Iraqi security force is "growing." What, from zero Iraqis trained to...a half an Iraqi trained?

It's amazing that his "resolute" brain can't grasp the fact that there's a thing called "geopolitics" - Bush's warped vision of "democracy" and "freedom" simply doesn't work and is not always accepted in all parts of the world. The planet is not a toy to be comprehended by the average nine-year-old. It's complex. Bush isn't. He should not be the leader of the free world. He simply doesn't understand.

The simple folk in the red states eat this drivel up by the bucketload. But the rest of the world is looking at him like he just fell off - well, a turnip truck wouldn't get past U.N. security. Man, he's an embarrassment.

He's done. In short: "I ignored all of you and created a crapstorm in two countries. Help me. Please. Pleeease."