Thursday, September 30

Bush Is Almost...

...desperate? He almost seems caught off-guard. It's very, very weird. He's injecting the flip-flop meme at every chance, but isn't offering any proof. Meanwhile, Kerry slammed him by stating that his position on Iraq has been constant: There was a right way to deal with Saddam and a wrong way - and Bush chose the wrong way.

It almost seems Bush came into the hall with just three talking points. It must work on some people, but it's getting very tiresome - to me, anyway.

Bush also keeps talking about how hard all this foreign policy stuff is. Maybe - just maybe - he shouldn't be doing the job if it's so hard for him.

I tried reading response from the big guys' blogs, but they're getting hammered with traffic. Not being blessed with that curse, we offer this as an open thread, during- and post-debate. Have at it.