Tuesday, September 21

If You Live by the Smear, You'll Die by the Smear

Okay, Mr. Rove. Maybe you haven't tried your worst yet, but this sure will distract you from it. The democrats are not only fighting back, they're making sure there ain't a rock, pebble or grain of sand they haven't thrown back at the GOP's conniving failing-fast face.

So - NOW are you enjoying the campaign? I sure am...
Bush Campaign Gets a Case of Camera Shyness
Backs Away From Defending Bush Guard Service, Debating the Facts

Washington, DC - Facing questions about President Bush's Guard Service and its own possible involvement with the disputed National Guard documents, the Republican National Committee has postponed a call scheduled to discuss the issue this afternoon.

And, in the last several hours, the Bush campaign has also cancelled scheduled appearances by Dan Bartlett on cable networks this evening. These cancellations came as the Bush operatives refused to appear live alongside Kerry campaign official Joe Lockhart.

"It's clear that even the Bush campaign is having a problem defending the President's National Guard service," said Democratic National Committee Spokesman Howard Wolfson. "The Bush campaign has decided to once again duck the tough questions and avoid real debate. Given the President's National Guard service, I don't blame them for being camera shy."

DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe himself held a conference call earlier today where he focused on tough questions on the President's lack of service, his three different explanations for missing his physical and whether he deserved his honorable discharge.

McAuliffe also highlighted a New York Post article that suggested that GOP operative Roger Stone might be involved with the CBS documents.