Wednesday, September 29

THIS Is The TV Ad We MUST Get On The Air

I've already contributed bucks to these people. An organization called has what has to be the most effective (and HONEST) TV commercial of the entire political season.

THIS IS THE VOICE AND THE MESSAGE WE'VE BEEN DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR, FOLKS. The voices of people who lost loved ones to this reckless war.

YOU MUST see this. You MUST kick in and get this thing on the air.

After seeing this, everything uttered by the Swift Boat Bitter Lying Pigs gets blown out of the water. Everything Dick Cheney crows and growls about is rendered meaningless. When real people shed real tears saying what they want to say to President Bush because he doesn't have the gonads to face these folks in person, you have something that transcends all the hype and bullcrap that's been thrown in this campaign. You have something amazing.

Truth. It's our weapon which cannot be secret anymore.

If you had a minute to say anything you wanted to George W. Bush in front of thousands of American voters, what would you say? Chastise him for his foolish military adventure in Iraq? Scold him for domestic policies that hurt average Americans while enriching the few? Or just urge him to be honest with the American people for a change?

At Real Voices we think about that question a lot, because that's our mission: to give ordinary Americans a voice in the political process. In powerful 60-second radio and TV spots, our real citizens address the president in front of an audience of thousands of potential voters. Whether it's a parent who lost a son or daughter in Iraq, a sick child who might be cured by cutting edge stem cell research, or a scientist who knows the truth about global warming and toxic pollution, our "real voices" confront the President directly and honestly about his abysmal record. Filmed by two-time Academy Award nominee Eric Thiermann, our TV spots are powerful, moving and utterly honest, unlike any political ad you have ever seen. With your help, we will have them playing in every battleground state come this fall.

We regard the war in Iraq to be George Bush's greatest betrayal of the American people. It has greatly increased the risk of terrorism, damaged our international prestige, and caused the greatest losses to individual families. Working closely with families who lost loved ones in the fighting we are determined to make sure their voices and stories are told in the upcoming election. The radio and TV spots you see here feature many of their stories, we have others in production that are even more moving. By sponsoring a radio or TV message you are directly giving our "real voices" an opportunity to speak to thousands of voters in key battleground states.

This is a great experiment in American democracy: a chance to give the real citizens of America... the ones George Bush prays you won't hear... a platform to talk back to the President, in front of thousands of American voters. Democracy doesn't get any simpler or more direct than that. And all we need to make it work is you.