Saturday, September 18

We Think This One Might Actually Backfire in the Debates. Really.

I mean - come on. Seriously. Y'know, jeeze. Teed up. Waiting to be smashed.

How much more in denial can he get?
Bush 'pleased with the progress' in Iraq

"The Iraqis are defying the dire predictions of a lot of people by moving toward democracy," Bush told the paper. "It's hard to get to democracy from tyranny. It's hard work. And yet, it's necessary work. But it's necessary work because a democratic Iraq will make the world a freer place and a more peaceful place.

"I'm pleased with the progress," Bush said. "It's hard. Don't get me wrong. It's hard because there are some in Iraq who want to disrupt the election and disrupt the march to democracy, which should speak to their fear of freedom."