Thursday, September 16

Boondocks Gets Green Light

After Fox decided that it was one of them lib'rul comics, Cartoon Network shows some testicular fortitude. From Animation Magazine (subscription):

Cartoon Network Commits to Boondocks

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cartoon Network has ordered 15 episodes of a half-hour animated series based on the syndicated comic strip, The Boondocks, created by Aaron McGruder and partner Reggie Hudlin. Sony Pictures Television is producing the show.

The Boondocks uses edgy humor to tackle cultural and political issues as seen through the eyes of two inner-city kids relocated to the suburbs and placed in the custody of their grandfather. The toon is expected to land a spot in Cartoon Network’s hugely popular Adult Swim late-night block.

The comic strip first appeared in 1999 and is now seen in more than 200 newspapers. McGruder and Hudlin wrote the pilot for the toon and will serve as exec producers on the TV series. The duo is also scripting a Boondocks feature film, which Sony will develop as well.