Thursday, September 16

Language Alert: The Word "Bullshit" Appears in This Post

First, the President of the United States.
Bush raps Putin on powers

Russian President Vladimir Putin's moves to centralise power could undermine democracy, US President George Bush said in an unusual rebuke of an ally. Mr Putin's announcement on Monday that he would seek further control over regional governments and the legislative branch has been widely interpreted as an attempt to use fear of terrorism as a justification for imposing tyranny.

Mr Bush's silence for two days led to widespread questions about his commitment to promoting freedom in all parts of the world. But Mr Bush on Wednesday said he was "concerned about the decisions being made in Russia that could undermine democracy in Russia".

"Great countries, great democracies have a balance of power between central government and local governments, a balance of power within central governments between the executive branch and the legislative branch and the judicial branch," he said.

"As governments fight the enemies of democracy, they must uphold the principles of democracy."

Mr Bush did not repeat the praise of Mr Putin as "a man who I admire" that he offered on Sunday when he stopped at the Russian embassy to write a note in a condolence book for more than 300 children and adults killed in the terrorist siege of a school in southern Russia.
As promised, we will now say the word. Please turn away if such words offend you.

BULLSHIT! Bush and Cheney are seriously SERIOUSLY so not on the same page here, it's comical. Just scant days ago, Cheney was giving Putin's tough stand flowers and chocolates!!!
LINK - Vice President Cheney suggested Monday that the Sept. 2 terrorist strike at a Russian school may signal a shift in how the Putin government and others in Europe view the fight against terrorism: They will become more aggressive.

"What happened in Russia has demonstrated conclusively that everyone is a target," he said. "I think there will be a higher degree of cooperation from all countries as we move forward."
Come ON, people! Which one of these two guys is actually running the country? RIGHT. And which one seems to like the idea of Putin cracking down in the name of terrorism? RIGHT. And which one will be more than happy to broker a multi-billion-dollar Halliburton deal to make sure Russian troops are fed, left unprotected and to help Chechnya rebuild?