Thursday, September 16

Torville! The Freeway Blogger Just Made You Famous

Deep in opposition territory over Orange County!

Hoffmania viewer Torville got his suggestion immortalized by the Freeway Blogger. Thanks to all of you who entered. In fact, Scarlet Pimpernel wants to throw a lot of the entries up over the freeways of LA, so be on the lookout. Here's a link to those entries.

For those of you who were wondering how to pull this off in your cities, the Blogger himself gives you his wisdom.
I get the lettering using transparencies printed out from my computer and shined onto the cardboard (painted white) with an overhead projector. Then I trace the outlines with a marking pen, lay it flat and fill in with cheap enamel. It's easy, relaxing, and goes a lot quicker than you'd think. That sign took me about half an hour to make, half a minute to hang, cost about
45 cents in materials and, for all I know, people are still looking at it.

The reason I don't mention the overhead projector method on my site is that I don't want people thinking "Once I get my hands on one of those projectors by golly, then I'll do it!" because then it'll never happen. Get some cardboard, roll some white paint over it, let it dry and then either handpaint or spraypraint your message on it and stick it up someplace where lots of people will see it. I suggest the freeway.

When you handpaint a sign and post it in public it says two things:
1) whatever-the-hell you want it to say, and 2) that somebody cared enough about whatever-the-hell-they-wanted-to-say to actually paint a sign and put it where people could see it.

If everybody who read this post put a sign on the freeway tomorrow, millions of Americans would see it. If everybody who read this post put ten signs on the freeway tomorrow, it could very well change the face of politics.

We have 46 days left. Do it.
Of course if you do it, take a pic and send it in to us. Thanks a million, Scarlet. Keep up the great work. Here's the one I told you about yesterday...