Wednesday, September 15

Winnowing Down the "Freeway Blogger" Entries

Let's find us a winner...

The Pimpernel:
Here're my picks from the lot: (in no particular order...)

I miss peace and prosperity.

In your guts you know he's nuts.

No surplus left behind.

Name one thing he's done right.

Who's gonna pay for this? Ask your kids.

I think out of all of these, I like "Name one thing he's done right." the best.

We like those, too. And a couple more:

Bush: No flip. All flop.

Nancy added this notation to the comments of our contest post: "Thank you for putting this question to everyone. I come here to read the new ones and laugh - all of these are winners! Would not it be wonderful to start seeing some of these hand made signs everywhere across the U.S.A. - a true grassroots effort."

You were all sensational as usual. But most importantly, we proved we can draw triple-digits in the comments. Take THAT, Atrios!

(Yeah, right - he gets 450 comments just for his famous short "Oy" posts...)

So we'll decide on a winner here, and that idea will get drawn up, posted and photographed by Scarlet. He invited me to come along and witness, which I might do if this week wasn't so nuts for me. But he wants everyone to know how easy it is to pull off. So Nancy - maybe he has started something!

He has a new one which he's putting up today, and it's gooood!

More later...