Friday, September 17

Ya Just Gotta Laugh

Sure, if it happened to Bush, he and Cheney would run for an underground bunker, kick the terror alert to bright red and declare martial law. It's become so commonplace in Afghanistan, that Karzai actually shrugs it off. How warped is this?
Afghan Leader Targeted in Attack

Afghan President Hamid Karzai survived an assassination attempt Thursday when a rocket was fired at his helicopter as it prepared to land near the southeastern city of Gardez.

The rocket missed the helicopter by about 300 yards, a U.S. military spokesman said in Kabul, the capital. Karzai was not hurt, and the helicopter immediately flew back to Kabul.

Once back in the capital, Karzai made light of the incident and said his American security guards overreacted.

"It was like the padding paws of a cat," he said, quoting an Afghan proverb meaning that the attack was not serious. "We were about to land. I saw a big crowd of people, but suddenly the chopper took off and speeded up.

"We thought something might be wrong with the engine. Later they told us that we are going to not land, [because] there was a rocket attack."

He added: "I think our guys were really taking a lot of precautions for no reason. It was nothing actually. The governor [of Paktia] told me that it was a rocket that hit a house door."