Tuesday, August 19

And 'Way In The Back Of The Room - Hey! It's Afghanistan! How Ya Doin' These Days?

President Flightsuit's dad was chided for not finishing off Saddam in the first Gulf War. Today, it seems like a major success by comparison. Afghanistan is on its way to being worse than ever thanks to our lack of foreign policy, pissed-off allies and rampant incompetence in the White House.

KABUL, Afghanistan, Aug. 19 (MSNBC) — Taliban militants killed 10 policemen, including a police chief, in a province south of Kabul in the latest incident in a spate of violence that has claimed more than 90 lives in the past week, police said on Tuesday. The expanded attacks put more pressure than ever on a fragile U.S.-backed government struggling to rebuild a country following the ouster of the Islamic militia in late 2001.