Tuesday, August 26

Time To Pony Up, Darrell

It's only fair...but fairness has nothing to do with California politics anymore.

Darrell Issa, You Bought the Recall, Now Pay for the Special Election

Far from representing a grassroots volunteer tidal wave, the California governor recall election was placed on the ballot due to the unlimited cash and political ambitions of conservative Representative Darrell Issa (R). Mr. Issa wrote personal checks of nearly $2 million to pay for signature gathering and declared that he was a candidate to replace Governor Davis. The volunteer efforts to collect signatures had completely faltered, and the odds were dim the recall would qualify for the ballot -- just like every previous recall effort. But after an infusion of cash from Mr. Issa, signatures were obtained at $1 a pop and the recall was certified by the Secretary of State.

After press reports of youthful indiscretions involving car theft, the entry of Arnold Schwarzenegger into the race and pressure from national Republican officials, Mr. Issa withdrew from the race.

Now all of us are paying the price of Mr. Issa's thwarted ambitions. With the recall election anticipated to cost $50 to $60 million -- money the state of California doesn't have and that will have to be taken from crucial programs and services -- Mr. Issa should do the right thing and pay for the election himself. With a personal fortune of around $100 million, he can afford it. The people of California should not have to cut vital programs to pay for this election.

Urge Representative Darrell Issa to foot the multi-million-dollar bill for California's recall election.