Thursday, August 14

Whose 3000 Deaths Are More Important?

There is an absolute must-read comparison today at Media Whores Online.

When 3000 souls perished in the 9/11 attacks, French citizens turned out in droves to the American embassy to pay their respects and show their solidarity.

When 3000 souls perished (so far) in the ongoing heatwave in France, it's met with savage vicious ridicule by (guess who) Americans - most notably in a repulsive and repugnant Washington Post editorial chiding them for not having enough American-invented air conditioners and ice-makers - not to mention the more-so-than-normal cruelty dished out by the Freepers, lunatics and bottom-feeders who fester in the mudhole known as

The French-bashing has now crossed over into just plain bad taste. You can rightfully invoke the names of the buried souls of the soldiers at Normandy all you want, but make sure you also mention how France and the rest of our former allies showed their grief and love following the 9/11 attacks - emotions which were tested and ultimately wasted after the loudmouthed right wing spewed caustic crap into their faces.

If your hatred of them is over their unwillingness to join in a war which had (at best) questionable reasons, then it's time to re-evaluate your conscience. And your manners.