Thursday, August 21

Use The Power Of Pre-Fab To Speak Your Mind!

Well, they ARE suggested writing points. And they DO urge you to modify it to mirror your own true feelings. A comment left two posts below by MCF on writing to your local newspapers via the new Bush-Cheney official site:

Click here. Point and click your way to send the message of compassionate conservatism (about National Security) to your local newspapers.

President Bush understands the leadership needed for a Mad Libs(R) approach to free you from the repression of thinking for yourself.

Thankfully, the website lets you change the content [for accuracy] before sending the email.
Here are the other agendas with pre-fab writing points which can be modified (to match your real feelings, of course):
Health Care!
Homeland Security!

So let your local paper hear it, America! Use the click-and-compose technology! Then re-write it so it matches your TRUE feelings! Tell 'em how you really feel! And THANK YOU, President Helmethead!

Viva democracy!