Sunday, August 17

Good Warning for Fellow Dean Supporters

John F posts this message at DEANfilter which is good advice for the online Howard Dean Machine to heed...

Dean-supporters growing too cliq-ish?

I actually came across a good deal of people online today that didn't know much about Howard Dean, his stances, and still believed the old adage that Dean is "Too liberal" because of his anti-Iraq stance.

It's starting to bother me that more people are hanging out on Blog For America than spreading out online and spreading information about Dean. There are thousands of web sites that have political discussion as an after-thought and these are the people that need to be reached out to. It's one thing to 'preach to the choir" continiously about things you don't like and things you do - it's another to spread that information to those who debate what is right and wrong.

I had an opportunity to see a cliq-like group of supporters for a public-group in the past. These supporters were rabid and loving.... Yet they would not spread out and inform the masses of their cause, they would not show support for what they supported in person.. . I fear BlogForAmerica is going to turn into this if they don't watch it.

By the way - that group of supporters? They were Montreal Expos fans on The Old version of

On a small scale, if you see a blog which is on the fence and there's an entry which shows ambivalance or paints Dean as an extremist, leave a comment under that post. Set the record straight. On a large scale, send a link to The Howard Dean Website (right-click link and copy the URL to a new e-mail) to your swing friends, click "On The Issues" and show them where he REALLY stands.