Tuesday, August 19

If You Need More Proof, We've Got Pantloads

Bernard Weiner gives us very compelling reasons why President Ranchhand must be shown the door next year - if not sooner - at the Democratic Underground.

Things we could only speculate about a year ago have taken place - to name just three: an invasion and occupation of Iraq (based on misleading intelligence and outright lies), an administration that may have committed the treasonous act of deliberately revealing the identity of a CIA agent, and shocking revelations about the computer-screen voting system now being put into place around the country for the 2004 election.

The abbreviated list (see the article) can be used both as a reminder to all of us why we're fighting this good, oppositional battle, and as a place to start from when organizing and talking to others about why you will be voting for someone other than George W. Bush in the presidential vote next year.

Read the list. Bookmark it. Go back to it again and again to remind yourself how low we've gone. And do something about it next November.