Tuesday, August 19

If You Have An Anti-Virus Program, Update It NOW! And Read This!

Illustration by Kakarat at Fark.com

The W32.Sobig virus is really making the rounds right now. Do NOT open any mail that has an unknown RE: in the subject. These are mostly being propagated unwittingly by large corporations' emplyees opening them. Most notably:

Re: Your Application
Re: Approved
Re: Wicked Screensaver
Re: Your Details (or Re: My Details, or Re: Details)
Re: That Movie
Re: Thank You!

Or ANYTHING Re: that you don't know.

Another is the Mail Delivery Subsystem "Returned Mail, Service unavailable " e-mails. I got five at work and eight at home. DELETE 'EM.

And for GOD'S sake, disable the preview pane if you use Outlook! It automatically opens any e-mail you select.

A message in the public paranoia by Hoffmania!