Thursday, August 21

Now, WAIT A Minute...

For a few weeks, we've been flogging the parody site Bush-Orwell '04, Its design has basically been the same since we told you about it. Here's a screenshot:

Now comes the new Bush-Cheney official site which debuted Tuesday. The design is...well...familiar:

Bush-Orwell has a lead story addressing this phenom, and frankly its design is a notch better than the real one. Still, I gotta know the answer to the obvious question. Anyone?

UPDATE 8:20am: Leave it to Atrios who responds to my digging and scratching:

Some of the beta version of the Bush official site was found by Tim Noah of Slate and others before it was ready to go primetime. Probably the parody site got it from there.
I have so much to learn if I'm gonna be a world-class blogger...