Friday, August 29

Repost: You Can Cut The Ambivalence With A Knife

So let me get this straight...

In the last 24 hours, Arnold Schwarzeggnegeggenegger has called in to several right-wing talk shows and said...

- He is pro-choice.
- He recognizes domestic partnerships.
- He supports gun control measures.
- He supports the continuance of many state-funded programs.
- He supports many liberal social issues.

Neocon candidate Sen. Tom McClintock said Arnold's comments..."have managed to blur distinctions" between those two?!?

"Schwarzenegger's appearances have gotten mostly positive, if not particularly enthusiastic, reviews from conservatives"?!?

And the right is still cheering over this? I'm laughin' my ass off! I'm envisioning the campaign slogans.

"Arnold, I Guess"
"Um, Well, Okay. Schwarzenegger!"
"Republican? Maybe! Arnold For Governor"
"What's On TV October 7th?"

Let's not kid ourselves over the original reasons for this recall. It had nothing to do with "the good of our people." Uber-conservative Darrell Issa started this whole thing because he wanted to overthrow Gray Davis while his popularity cratered so he can make a play for becoming California's neocon governor. The recall is happening, but his candidacy was a disaster. He's gone into hiding - no one has heard a blink from Issa since he withdrew. And now, the best the Republicans can hope for is the aging bodybuilder whose only political experience is by marriage and who has more liberal ideals than 80% of the politicians who call themselves Democrats.

Believe this: Many Repubs are mourning the failure of Issa, Simon, and eventually McClintock. They are desperately trying to rally behind Arnold, but their heart just isn't there. You can hear it. Hell, you can smell it.

As an attempt to overthrow an elected official without a high crime or misdemeanor, it can be called a success. But from a conservative standpoint, this is an unmitigated and total failure. And it's too late to close that box, Pandora.

Originally Posted 8/28/03