Thursday, August 28

Giant Hot Steaming Bullcrap Alert

Our CEO president doing what his CEO pals do best. Screwing his employees.

CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- Citing the "national emergency" created by the September 11, 2001, attacks, President Bush Wednesday exercised his authority to limit the pay increase for many federal workers next January to 2 percent -- well below the 15 percent some employees would have been entitled to receive.

The president exercised the same authority last year, as have other presidents in the past. In this case, Bush said the country could not afford to give civilian federal employees who are covered by what is known as the General Schedule the full raises they would get had he not invoked his authority.
Invoking the memory of 9/11 is disgraceful - when you factor in President Whistle-Ass' insistence on carrying out his tax cuts for the already-wealthy, and the amount of money those people are kicking back to his campaign as a big fat wet "thank you for the tax cut" gesture.