Wednesday, August 13

While Dubya Feeds His Face, His Coffers and His Horses...

...the whole Iraq operation is spinning out of control. The Bush administration had NO plan. NONE. And chaos is now the normal way of life in Iraq. Rioting mobs of thousands, rocket-propelled grenades at our troops, firing into crowds, tearing down Islamic banners...and that's just in one story. This is insane.

U.S. soldiers shot into a crowd of thousands of demonstrators in a Baghdad slum on Wednesday, killing one civilian and wounding four after a rocket-propelled grenade was fired at them, the military said. North of Baghdad, guerrillas killed two American troops.

In Sadr City, a Shiite Muslim slum, about 3,000 demonstrators gathered around a telecommunications tower where they said American forces in a helicopter tried to tear down an Islamic banner. U.S. military spokesman Sgt. Danny Martin said it was apparently blown down by rotor wash from a helicopter.

However, amateur video footage obtained by Associated Press Television News showed a Black Hawk helicopter hovering a few feet from the top of the tower and apparently trying to tear down the banner. Later, U.S. Humvees drove by and the crowd threw stones at them. Heavy gunfire could be heard and demonstrators were seen diving to the ground.