Saturday, August 30

CBS News Poll: Huh?

According to a CBS News poll, President Whistle Ass has a 55% overall approval rating.

Still, only 50% approve of how he's handling foreign policy, while a paltry 39% approve of how he's handling the economy.

What's left? The environment? Job creating? AmeriCorps? The way he dresses? I can't think of one single issue where he has succeeded that would warrant a 55% overall approval rating. It's um...fuzzy math.

In the same poll, in his dealings with Iraq, a dismal 17% says he told the entire truth, 61% said he hid some things and 19% say he's been mostly lying. There's a serious credibility problem with the Whistle Ass administration when the "mostly lying"s outnumber the "entire truth" faction.

Also for the first time, the poll shows less people believing we're in control in Iraq than not. Sorry, Whis'.