Saturday, August 30

Howard Dean Holds The Lead reports:

The 54-year-old Dean, an internist by training, is suddenly the one to beat. Polls show him tied for first in Iowa, site of the nation's first caucuses, and opening a big lead in New Hampshire, a vital early primary state.

His rise in New Hampshire has rocked the campaign of Sen. John Kerry of neighboring Massachusetts. A favorite of the Democratic elite, Kerry cast himself as the early front-runner and campaigned as if he had cemented the title.

"Kerry's campaign has been strange," said Greg Haas, a Democratic strategist in Ohio. "They haven't been very aggressive."
"Very aggressive" seems to elude many Democrats. That's why Dean scares them.

Well, too bad. Next November is going to be a streetfight because that's how Rove works. Dean knows it, and it's scaring more wingnuts than Democrats. So either join in or change parties. It ain't gonna be pretty.