Friday, August 29

General Clark Makes It Clear

No, not about his bid for the presidency - but about how ill-sighted President Whistle-Ass' war on terror is. From the BBC:

The former commander of Nato forces in Europe, General Wesley Clark, says American policy has "created chaos" in Iraq.

General Clark said the fundamental problem was the US tendency to fight states to get at "terrorists", rather than take on the "terrorists" themselves.

"We may have given Osama Bin Laden the recharge he needed to rebuild his arsenal and his ranks," he told the BBC's World Today programme.

He said the war should have resulted in restored Iraqi relations with the UN and Nato, finding weapons of mass destruction and ensuring Iraq would "not become a hotbed of international terrorism".

"We are drawing in terrorists. We have created chaos in Iraq," he said.
We've created chaos everywhere we've laid our hands on since January 20, 2001...including our own country. Stay tuned.