Saturday, August 23

More White House Insanity: EPA Told To Lie

This is just getting sicker and sicker...

At the White House's direction, the Environmental Protection Agency gave New Yorkers misleading assurances that there was no health risk from the debris-laden air after the World Trade Center collapse, according to an internal inquiry.

President Bush's senior environmental adviser on Friday defended the White House involvement, saying it was justified by national security.

The White House "convinced EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones" by having the National Security Council control EPA communications in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, according to a report issued late Thursday by EPA Inspector General Nikki L. Tinsley.

"When EPA made a Sept. 18 announcement that the air was 'safe' to breathe, the agency did not have sufficient data and analyses to make the statement," the report says, adding that the EPA had yet to adequately monitor air quality for contaminants such as PCBs, soot and dioxin.
How in the depths of hell does lying to New Yorkers about the air they breathe affect national security? Somebody please explain this to me.

Not only does the he Bush White House lie, but they order federal agencies to lie right there with them. My God, how many more lies about the health and well-being of Americans do we have to endure from these thugs?

NOW do you miss Bill Clinton? Christ, at this point, I miss Bush 41. Clinton lied once about oral sex. Bush 41 lied once about no new taxes.

This distant relative to mankind occupying the White House (until January 20, 2005 if there truly is a God watching over us) has made lying policy. And aside from Yahoo's AP stream, nobody wants to report any of it.

"Journalists." Gutless wonders. A disgrace to their profession.