Saturday, August 23

Bill Simon Quits For Arnold? Don't Believe It For A Second

Simon, who lost to Gray Davis in the real gubernatorial election last November has stepped aside, saying:

"Fellow citizens, I come before you today to announce that I am withdrawing as a candidate for governor of California. This recall election has been about bringing profound and substantial change to our state, and I strongly believe that the desire of Californians must come before the aspirations of any single candidate."

"There are too many Republicans in this race. And the people of our state simply cannot risk a continuation of the Gray Davis legacy."
If you read the stories, it seems obvious that Simon is stepping aside to throw party support to Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is impossible. Simon is a rip-snorting neocon - hardly the kind of guy who would rather see Arnold in power than himself. He's stepping aside so he doesn't split the neocon vote with Sen. Tom McClintock. If he ends up supporting Schwarzenegger, believe this: it's going to be VERY reluctantly.

An essay is brewing here about how anyone who isn't Republican - Gray Davis or not - does not stand a chance as long as President Cuecard is in charge. Stay tuned.