Tuesday, August 26

We're Running Out Of Cheeks To Turn...

...and pretty soon, we're going to go postal on you nudnicks. Nevada neocons are trying it now.

Group plans Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn recall effort

A statewide group of activists and conservatives angered by Nevada's record tax increases will notify the Secretary of State's office Wednesday of their intent to recall Gov. Kenny Guinn.

Members of the Committee to Recall Governor Guinn said Monday they have more than 600 volunteers ready to circulate petitions and collect the more than 128,000 signatures needed to recall the governor.

The committee is composed of Republicans and members of ultraconservative parties.
Here in California, the recall process will shake down to utter failure for the wingnuts who started this. Either Democrat Cruz Bustamonte or left-of-center Arnold Schwarznegeggenegger is going to win this thing. And it's all for nothing more than trying to shove a Republican in there. No matter. It won't be a wingnut either way.

Recall THAT.