Saturday, August 30

Hoffmania! Reader Gets Ink

'Way to go to John Siegel who writes: "Thanks to your link to the LAT piece on Toby Keith, I have a letter in today's paper. The only problem is, I can't see it online; the Calandarlive section is only linkable via real subscribers like you. I'm off to the store to buy a hard copy. Thanks for the tip."

John's e-mail was a nice change from the Re: Your Application, Re: Re: Your Reply, Re: That Movie, Re: Wicked Screensaver messages...which suspiciously were absent from the mailbox this morning.

Thanks for getting the word out, John. Here - I'll save you the half a buck...

I'm sorry to hear the war in Iraq didn't work out for Toby Keith, especially since he helped sell it to his fellow citizens. It also didn't work out for thousands of dead Iraqi civilians and more than 300 coalition troops, half of whom have died since President Bush's aircraft carrier celebration.

John W. Siegel