Sunday, March 21

Bush Merchandise Comes From "Brutal Dictatorships"

I think we've reached the point where these fenderheads are doing so many things wrong and with such flagrant stupidity that the average American simply can't wrap their head around it. It's almost as if the campaign is depending on it.

Made-In-Burma Jacket Stirs Flap for Bush Campaign

A "Bush-Cheney '04" campaign jacket sold on the Internet has stirred controversy because it was made in Myanmar, whose imports have been banned by the United States.

Although the company that shipped the fleece pullover, Spalding Group of Louisville, Kentucky, has said it did so in error, human rights groups blamed President Bush's re-election campaign staff for not taking a more careful look at the origin of the products being sold in its name.

The Bush administration has had sanctions in place since September against Myanmar -- also known by its colonial name Burma -- in an attempt to punish the government over human rights violations.

"Burma is one of the most repressive, brutal dictatorships in the world," said Charles Kernagan, head of the National Labor Committee, a group that seeks to combat sweatshops internationally. "The Bush-Cheney campaign was putting money into the hands of dictators with that purchase."