Wednesday, March 31

Damned Encouraging

(FLORIDA) - Here in the reddest of the red states, I experienced two great signs for our side.

The first of course was Air America. Every time I came to West Palm Beach, Randi Rhodes was requisite listening on WJNO. She's now nationwide on AA, and she didn't skip a beat. She beat up guest Ralph Nader, launching the segment with Jimmy Carter's admonition to stick to coaching softball and stay out of the race. Randi then repeatedly had to tell him that we could not afford to have him run again when he repeatedly asked her why voters should be deprived of choice. My answer would have been that Nader is not a choice but an ego feeding frenzy, but Randi had a blast with it. And her plea for TV networks to show the video of Bush reading to second graders AFTER both planes hit the WTC was riveting ("I said to Wolf Blitzer, 'Why don't you TEEVEE guys show the VID-EE-OH of this - something I can't do on the RAY-DEE-OH!?'") Always has been a great show, now America can soak her in.

The other is that in Jeb Bush country, I'm VERY encouraged by the huge number of elder ladies proudly displaying a "BEAT BUSH" button on their shirts. I don't know who's doing this, but they're doing a magnificent job. I gave each and every one of them a thumbs-up - and one (who I knew) a big hug. Brave ladies in the land of NASCAR and pickups.

By the way, can we round up the boo-birds when Georgie throws out the first pitch next week? Leave your Air America thoughts here.