Thursday, March 25

Memo To The White House

Dear White House,

Today, I watched in great admiration as Scott McClellan "knocked the cornerstone out of Richard Clarke's story." Wow! It took a few days, and time will only tell - but it seems you finally destroyed this man once and for all! YEAH! And according to my calculations, as of this moment, you've officially spent more of our resources on fighting this bad man Clarke than you did on pre-war intelligence. Way to go! You cannot stand idly by and not defend your negligence, you betcha.

So let me propose this:

If Richard Clarke is so wrong, and the gang of you is so right, then you've spent a lot of your time and our money defending yourself against such a big fat hairy liar. So why not give the taxpayers a refund on the collective salaries reflecting the time your attack dogs battled this guy who's no longer on our payroll?

Oh...better yet! Give that money to the rich so we can continue seeing that robust job growth!

I know you'll all do the right thing. You've been telling us that since this thing began.

Thanks! Keep up the good moral fight! Clarke only spoke under oath. You guys have Fox!

The liar trying to curry favor with 9/11 families. The nerve!