Monday, March 29

He Can Find A Spark In The Ass Of A Corvair, But He Can't See The Handwriting On The Wall

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph. Come in, Ralph. Earth calling Ralph.

Nader draws support from some Bush fans

AUSTIN, Texas -- Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader is getting a little help from his friends -- and from George W. Bush's friends.

Nearly 10 percent of the Nader contributors who have given him at least $250 have a history of supporting the Republican president, national GOP candidates or the party, according to computer-assisted review of financial records by The Dallas Morning News.

Among the new crop of Nader donors: actor and former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein, Florida frozen-food magnate Jeno Paulucci and Pennsylvania oil company executive Terrence Jacobs. All have strong ties to the GOP.
Maybe this is why Nader is meeting with Kerry? And why should this revelation be such a big fat surprise to a normally intelligent man? And boy, don't I ask a lot of questions?