Thursday, March 18

Go, Pakistan

If you're a news junkie, get XM in your car. You've got CNN, CNN Headline, FoxNews, MSNBC - and the BBC World Service which keeps the other four in perspective.

I was listening to Wolf "Breakin' Bustin' Developin' Unfoldin' News" Blitzer's live phone interview with Aaron Brown in Pakistan describing Musharraf's assertion that Paki troops might have a high-ranking al Qaeda member surrounded...possibly bin Laden's kidney doctor and al Qaeda's #2 guy, Ayman al-Zawahiri. We wish them victory.

Interesting little thing about the interview. Wolf kept pressing Brown if he thought US special forces were involved. Brown begged off saying there was no indication of that. Wolf, natch, pressed on, saying that was the official word, but unofficially did Brown think US special forces were involved? You could almost hear the steam coming out of Aaron's nose, telling Wolfster that there's just no way he can guess.

Blitzer doesn't even know when to let up on his own people.

"But THAT'S what you do when happening now, there's breaking developing unfolding news!"