Thursday, March 25


Every once in a while, something just kinda flops into your lap which makes you say the above expletive.

That was my reaction to this post at the Moderate Independent which I found nurgling around Google News. It points out the one thing - the one single wide-reaching gambit - which Kerry has in his arsenal that Bush is absolutely - no way, no how, uh-uh - NOT capable of doing. It's painfully simple, but Bush has dug himself so deep, entrenched himself so far into the abyss called Iraq, that there is simply no possible way he can DREAM of using this as an ace up his sleeve. It's Kerry's Royal Flush. It's devastatingly obvious, yet as the article says, still under the radar.

As I said...DAAAMMMN. Read it and sleep well tonight, knowing that this is what we have going for us.

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