Monday, March 29

If You're Thinking About Satellite Radio...

...stop thinking and get it.
XM Satellite Radio and Air America Radio Launch Exclusive Nationwide Progressive Talk Channel Starring Al Franken, Jeanene Garofalo and Chuck D.

XM Satellite Radio, the pioneer and leader in satellite radio, on Wednesday, March 31, debuts XM America Left, Channel 167, a new talk radio channel dedicated to progressive political viewpoints. Broadcasting coast-to-coast from its headquarters less than a mile from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, XM provides the highly-anticipated Air America Radio with its first national platform. XM's fast-growing nation of more than 3 million listeners now can tune in daily to Air America's talented and opinionated on-air personalities including popular satirist Al Franken, comedienne Jeanene Garofalo, hip hop icon Chuck D. and environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

"We are excited to provide a national audience to progressive superstar Al Franken and his spirited cohorts at Air America. Challenging our listeners, and giving them the best and broadest choices possible is our daily mission at XM. Where else are you going to find Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly, or opera and punk for that matter, living under one roof," said Hugh Panero, XM President and CEO.
We've been hawking XM Radio here for a few months now. The 60s channel is a hoot. Frank's Place is like drinking a martini while you're driving. They have all the cable news channels, BBC, unsigned bands - and now Air America. Almost too much entertainment for the trip to 7-11...but still worth it.