Wednesday, March 17

Kinda Lousy When It Happens So Close To You, Isn't It?

All day I was marveling at the reportage on the car bomb attack in Baghdad which killed at least 27 people. The on-scene yappers from CNN, Fox and that speed bump in the channel lineup called MSNBC were talking of the horror, the inhumanity and the devastation.

You guys thought THAT was destructive? looks a little uh, different when you're right there. But what I want to know is how many of you were pumping your fists and oohing and ahhing while this was going on? Yup. Shock And Awe from one year ago. There were a lot of folks here who rooted it on like they were watching a football game. Watch that video and try to imagine what kind of cuts and bruises were being inflicted as the bombs fell, and compare that with the one deadly blast from today.

It's called perspective. It's called killing on a large scale. And it's been a way of life there since we blew into town based on lies and a trigger-happy White House. If you're going to cry for the victims of today's tragedy, shed a tear for the thousands who met the same fate one year ago.

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