Saturday, March 27

Checkmate, Bill and Denny!

Blah3 found this: Richard Clarke also is urging the declassifying of his testimony which Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert are seeking.

In fact, Clarke did them one better - he wants ALL his testimony declassified. On today's All Things Considered on NPR, he didn't mince words. If you listen to the audio clip (which is less than four minutes), go in 1:23 and you'll hear that gauntlet ricocheting off Frist's and Hastert's heads.

"I'd love to have not only my testimony, but all the materials and documents related to this investigation declassified."
"...if we're going to start declassifying materials, let's not do it selectively. Let's declassify my entire testimony - all 196 pages of it, or whatever it is. And let's also declassify those two key documents - materials I submitted as a strategy or a plan or decision materials, whatever you want to call it in January, and what was finally approved in September. And you'll see that there is no difference between the two - that all of that time went by, and no additional options were created. We could have had that decision very early on. We wasted all those months."
And knowing that with the attack pack, the best offense is a good defense, he adds:

"There's definitely a price to be paid for stimulating this public debate - and I'm sure I haven't even begun to pay the price that the White House will make me pay."
Wow. Almost makes me think, "If you see me floating face down in the Potomac..."

As long as we're on to their ad hominem attacks which they can freely dispense without being under oath as Clarke was, we can choose who we wish to believe, thanks.

Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. C. And yes - the effect is starting to take hold.

Oh, speaking of ad hominem attacks, the always-predictable Mark Steyn reviews the book with a litany of name-calling and charges against Clarke. As you read the review, you begin to realize that Steyn (surprise!) didn't read a single page of it - he only quotes one passage which he even says was widely quoted in the media.

Turn on the light. They run back under the fridge.