Wednesday, March 24

What Was The One Issue The New Bush Administration Focused On?

Not terrorism. Not al Qaeda. Let's refresh your memory. It was this urgent national security issue:

Outgoing Clintonoids Vandalized White House
Friday, Jan. 26, 2001

Those slovenly misfits Gary Aldrich encountered in the White House in the earliest days of the Clinton administration were apparently still there when Bill and Hillary left the Executive Mansion for the last time – true to form, they left the place in a shambles.

The cost of cleaning up the effects of the deliberate vandalism caused by Clinton and Gore White House staffers could exceed $250,000, according to an official of the General Services Administration (GSA).

The American Spectator quoted an inspector who was called in to assess the vandalism as saying that several executive desks were damaged to the point that they must be replaced, and several more offices must be repainted because of graffiti. Entire computer keyboards will have to be replaced because the damage to them is more extensive than simply missing keys.

'The Place Was a Pigsty'

"The place was a pigsty," a Bush White House staffer told the Spectator. "The Gore and Clinton people didn't 'clean out' the place because there was nothing clean about what they did before they left."
Remember that? It was significant in that it was the Bush administration's first big lie. It's been all downhill since.