Thursday, March 18

This Is George Bush's Free Iraq

I think there's an error in my schedule. Do we cue the citizens throwing flowers to their liberators now or next week?

Bloodshed as Iraq Braces for Invasion Anniversary

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - At least seven civilians were killed in two separate bomb and gun attacks in Iraq on Thursday, doubling the death toll in a bloody 24 hours as U.S. forces prepared to mark the first anniversary of their invasion.

A British military spokesman in Basra said four Iraqis were killed in an explosion outside the southern city's Mirbad Hotel. A child was one of at least two people wounded, witnesses said.

The Basra attack came less than a day after a suicide car bomber killed seven people, including a British engineer, at a hotel in Baghdad on Wednesday evening. U.S. officials blamed that attack on Muslim militants with links to al Qaeda.
Dear God, when will we stop hearing how Bush has terrorists on the run and we're winning the war on terror? He's not even stopping it where all our military is.

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