Monday, March 22

Sobering Revelation By The Zogby Poll

Don't even think about it, Karl.

If a major terrorist attack were again to hit the United States, 51% of likely voters prefer to be led by Bush as compared to Kerry with 40%.
Which means today, America would reward a zero-and-seven record with a win. Go fig.

Now the good news.

Overall, however, President Bush's job performance rating continues to slide with 53% of likely voters giving him an negative rating (Fair-Poor), and 46% granting him a positive rating (Excellent-Good). On the important re-elect question, only 45% say that the President “deserves to be re-elected”, while 51% say it “time for someone new” in.
Conclusion: Kerry's got to pick a veep and hit the campaign trail with his jets on full thrust. People need to know Kerry a lot better than they do now.