Sunday, March 21

The White House Is Setting The Discussion

Say what you want about the dishonesty of the Bush ads - they're getting played gratis and often on the Sunday talkshows. And the subsequent discussion dwells on what's said on those commercials - which grinds home the message of the ads - which drills the message into the viewers' minds.

Kerry and the DNC need to ratchet up the message - whatever it will be. Grab an issue. There are plenty. Job outsourcing. The imminent threat of the trashed environment. The character of Bush's biggest fundraisers. The carnage in Iraq. Take that issue and shove it in the face of America. Rub Bush's nose in it. But do SOMETHING.

Start with that butt-ugly Flash animation at the DNC site. PLEASE. We've written an ad which we've passed along to our pals at Take Back The Media to weave their animation skills. Check out the script, and let us know your thoughts. The info comes from Barry Yeoman's outstanding Rolling Stone article, "Bush's Bagmen."

The head of MBNA, America's #1 issuer of credit cards
Raised $150,000

The CEO of America's 2nd largest poultry company
Whose product caused eight deaths and the largest meat recall in history in 2002
Raised $100,000

The president of First-Energy
A constant violator of the Clean Air Act
Who helped the industry get $19 billion in tax breaks
Raised more than $200,000

The former head of the Christian Coalition
Who became a lobbyist for the utilities
And had Enron as a client with the help of Karl Rove
Raised over $200,000

One of the biggest tobacco growers in South Carolina
Raised $530,000

The heir to Johnson & Johnson, the world's largest health care product company
Raised $700,000

The CEO of Merrill Lynch
Who got $300,000 in tax cuts on an income of $14.3 million
Raised $4,000,000

These people want George W. Bush for another four years.

Fortunately, in America...

Your vote counts as much as theirs...

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