Friday, September 17

Steve Lopez

The trouble seems to also be that Kerry is getting advice from everyone. EVERYONE. But Lopez watched Gore melt down firsthand. He's one of the growing number who really want to see Kerry do something.
This Is No Time to Channel Al Gore

How hard can this be?

It's one fat home-run pitch after another. Kerry knocks a two-bagger now and then, but often fails to get the bat off his shoulder. He's too busy looking for a sign from the third base coach, and to make matters worse, he hires a new one every other day.

Swing for the fences, says one. No, play it safe, says another.

Talk up your own record. No, attack Bush's.

Kerry has the disease.

It's akin to multiple personality disorder, it's a killer, and it afflicts virtually the entire Democratic Party. They can't quite figure out who they represent, what they stand for, or how to explain themselves.

Republicans, on the other hand, are much more cunning. Bible-toters don't have anything in common with social moderates in the GOP, but they all come together when they have to and rally around meaningless slogans.

Compassionate conservative? Count them in.

Terrorists hate freedom? Sounds good.

Tax cuts and smaller government? You don't even have to deliver the goods. Conservatives just love the sound of the words.

The Democrats have no slogan, no idea, as ingeniously simplistic as those of the Republicans. Bill Clinton had a bridge to the 21st century, but Al Gore fell off it chasing soccer moms - or was it NASCAR dads? - while trying to hold onto the Democratic base, whatever that might be.

The other day on the radio with Don Imus, Kerry was asked about getting American troops home from Iraq.

"What you ought to be doing - and what everybody in America ought to be doing - today is not asking me," Kerry said. "They ought to be asking the president: What is your plan?"

Even if he'd tried, Kerry could not have come up with a more harebrained answer. All he had to say is that he foolishly bought into the president's justification for war, and soon as possible, he'll get us out of that mess and fight a true war against actual terrorists.

"We're asking you," Imus persisted, "because you want to be president."

Kerry's response?

"I can't tell you what I'm going to find on the ground on Jan. 20."

How about his political career?