Saturday, November 22

And The World Says, "Thank You For Stopping bin Laden By Invading Iraq"

Screw goodwill. Spreading fear over the planet is now America's biggest strength. How any American cannot feel even the slightest pang of shame and embarrassment over the White House's ineptitude is beyond me.

US warns more Qaeda attacks worldwide

Highlighting the "recent terrorist attacks" in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the US state department has issued a worldwide warning that the Al Qaeda network may stage new attacks, designed to be more "devastating" than the September 11 strikes.

In a "worldwide caution" against attacks and plane hijackings, the state department has warned that "US citizens may be a target of terrorist actions." Deeply concerned about the security of American citizens overseas, the alert, issued yesterday, cautioned them to "maintain a high level of vigilance, to remain alert and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness".

"We expect Al Qaeda will strive for new attacks designed to be more devastating than the September 11 attack, possibly involving non-conventional weapons such as chemical or biological agents. We also cannot rule out that Al Qaeda will attempt a second catastrophic attack within the US", the alert said.